Nadia Nazari has a lot of unknowns to contend with in her Grade 12 year. Like how can she run an entire school newspaper with only one employee? Why has her estranged ex-best-friend-slash-crush suddenly come back into her life? How is her long-term boyfriend going to react when he finds out she's bisexual? And oh yeah — WHAT'S UP WITH ALL THE FREAKY GHOST RACCOONS HAUNTING HER HIGH SCHOOL??

Known Unknowns is a four-episode bisexual high school ghost hunting text adventure romance, available for free in its entirety.

👻 Features: 

  • gay drama
  • enby bestie
  • homespun canadian witchcraft
  • emoji-based raccoon telepathy
  • sick art by izzy marbella
  • kissing??????
Updated 17 days ago
Release date Dec 10, 2017
AuthorBrendan Patrick Hennessy
GenreInteractive Fiction, Adventure
Made withTwine
TagsComing Of Age, Female Protagonist, Ghosts, LGBT, Romance, Story Rich, supernatural, Text based, Twine
Average sessionA few hours
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