Nadia Nazari has a lot of unknowns to contend with in her Grade 12 year. Like how can she run an entire school newspaper with only one employee? Why has her estranged ex-best-friend-slash-crush suddenly come back into her life? How is her long-term boyfriend going to react when he finds out she's bisexual? And oh yeah — WHAT'S UP WITH ALL THE FREAKY GHOST RACCOONS HAUNTING HER HIGH SCHOOL??

Known Unknowns is a four-episode bisexual high school ghost hunting text adventure romance, available for free in its entirety.

👻 Features: 

  • gay drama
  • enby bestie
  • homespun canadian witchcraft
  • emoji-based raccoon telepathy
  • sick art by izzy marbella
  • kissing??????


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just realized half you games arent on itch :(

perticularly glaring omission with bell park, youth detective since it's the first in the series.

This is good.

surprised I never heard about it before.

(This is my third round of interactive fiction hunting)

gonna try birdland next.


I don't see any comments (maybe my phone glitched?) and that's such a shame considering how much of a joy this game was to play! i adore the characters, especially kaz, and the story was very well written <3 5/5 stars, will play your other games


I think most people play it over at so it doesn’t enough love on Itch, but I completely agree. Finally played it after sleeping on the entire BPH Cinematic Universe for years and I’m blown away by how good they tend to be, especially this one.