Nadia Nazari has a lot of unknowns to contend with in her Grade 12 year. Like how can she run an entire school newspaper with only one employee? Why has her estranged ex-best-friend-slash-crush suddenly come back into her life? How is her long-term boyfriend going to react when he finds out she's bisexual? And oh yeah — WHAT'S UP WITH ALL THE FREAKY GHOST RACCOONS HAUNTING HER HIGH SCHOOL??

Known Unknowns is a four-episode bisexual high school ghost hunting text adventure romance, available for free in its entirety.

👻 Features: 

  • gay drama
  • enby bestie
  • homespun canadian witchcraft
  • emoji-based raccoon telepathy
  • sick art by izzy marbella
  • kissing??????
Release date Dec 10, 2017
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(77 total ratings)
AuthorBrendan Patrick Hennessy
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withTwine
TagsComing Of Age, Female Protagonist, Ghosts, LGBT, Mystery, Romance, Story Rich, supernatural, Text based, Twine
Average sessionA few hours
LinksPlay Online


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Man, that drama when they were kids hits hard. I think MC is better off as a single independent woman after everything lol


i played this game wayy back but only came around to commenting cause gosh. has this game stuck with me. something about the insane similarities i found between nadia and myself just got to me so deep.  my first interactive fiction n i love it sm, this game is great <3


I'm not a hugely emotional person but man, having only figured out I was bi recently this is making me FEEL things... I don't WANT to feel things


that moment when Nadia's dad told her to switch on the light to avoid harming her eyes 💀

wait so is there only 1 love interest?

i love this oml


just realized half you games arent on itch :(

perticularly glaring omission with bell park, youth detective since it's the first in the series.

This is good.

surprised I never heard about it before.

(This is my third round of interactive fiction hunting)

gonna try birdland next.


I don't see any comments (maybe my phone glitched?) and that's such a shame considering how much of a joy this game was to play! i adore the characters, especially kaz, and the story was very well written <3 5/5 stars, will play your other games


I think most people play it over at so it doesn’t enough love on Itch, but I completely agree. Finally played it after sleeping on the entire BPH Cinematic Universe for years and I’m blown away by how good they tend to be, especially this one.