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this was super cute!!

loved it!



This was so good I loved it<3


I dont want to play in browser. i want exe


life ain't fair, pal.


butt youre not life


damn this game slaps harder than my mom when i lost my lunch box. you got more of this?


this is super late as i literally just got to it myself, but this author has done quite a few games with similar themes and settings! check them out on his website


i cried alot, thank you


Damn unrequited feelings, I cried


this was adorable!!

This made me cry???

big fan of all the twine stuff i find of yourself! keep thread writing going please and thankyou!

Warning: This review briefly talks about later parts of the story

I did multiple run-throughs of this because I love the story so much before going back to the point where you're dancing with Prescott and than going through EVERY DIALOGUE OPTION because I love the relationship so much. There were a lot of dialogue options. I respect that.


So cute it honestly made me tear up a little. Okay... More than a little.


I liked it. The dialogue was hilarious. I was wondering which one is Tad and Darren on the title screen. 

Glad you enjoyed it! Darren's on the far left and Tad's the one next to him.

i loved this!!!! so cute, and the tone/voice was so perfect

itch's theme, banner, title, descr. sounds awesome (also fitting to valentine's day), especially the same-gender info caught my interest and because of the cute pic/title which sounds like an exciting story.

That was amazing! lovve love loved it

What Twine Format did you use for this? Love the CSS work you put into this as well.


Thanks! I use Snowman for all my games

Your stories never miss!

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That was actually one of the best games I've ever played and so on point it hurts


I really loved this. Such great and funny naturalistic dialogue. Absolutely nailed the tone. Now I gotta check out the rest of your stuff!

I was so excited to get this release notification, and it did not disappoint!

This game was so cute! It was such a good game, I was so engrossed in it!

Is there any chance of getting a download of this in Android form? I want to have it with me always and not just when online.

This was so funny and cute!! I laughed, I smiled - utterly charming!

This was so wonderful!  ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–

uuuughh that was lovely - my heart grew three sizes